EFFECTOR project has been presented by AMSPM partners on International Police Association (IPA) Games 2022, organized this year in Bar, Montenegro, and closed on 12th May 2022 with a cup and medal award ceremony in Bar. In addition to the competition part, during the games, a large number of guests visited the bazaar in front of the sports center, where 12 stands with various facilities having among them a dedicated stand for projects EFFECTOR and EUREKA implemented by AMSPM.

The heads of delegations attended the performance of Joint-Interministerial Maritime Exercise Adriatic 22, in the Port of Bar, where they had the opportunity to see the cooperation of the security and safety services at sea and on the coast, in various challenges. More information about this event (in Montenegrin) can be found at: http://ipamontenegro.me/zavrsene-ipa-igre-2022/.

Moreover, in pages 6, 7 and 8 from the Report of International journal on world IPA about the Games2022 in Bar available in English can be found at: http://ipamontenegro.me/20478-2/