EFFECTOR offers an Interoperability Framework and associated Data Fusion and Analytics services for Maritime Surveillance and Border Security. EFFECTOR enhances the current state of art, by improving the decision support process, and fostering collaboration of maritime stakeholders from local, regional and transnational level. With EFFECTOR, new events are detected faster, decision making is enhanced, while a joint understanding and undertaking of a situation is achieved across borders. EFFECTOR allows a seamless cooperation between the operating authorities and on-site intervention forces, through a secure and privacy protected network.

EFFECTOR implements a multilayered data lake platforms, facilitating data sharing at tactical and strategic level for enhanced border and external security. The project also optimises the interoperability and the data exploitation needed for maritime operations. Via EFFECTOR, the users can exchange situational awareness data, such as enhanced pictures, and obtain data from different maritime systems in real-time. Through advanced data science techniques, EFFECTOR demonstrates new concepts and tools for knowledge extraction and querying, scaling from local to regional, to national and up to transnational level.

The EFFECTOR solution will be tested, validated and demonstrated in real operational scenarios together with maritime authorities, End Users and practitioners in France, Portugal and Greece.