📣Our partners from STWS presented EFFECTOR at 📌the 2nd Workshop on Defense Applications of AI (DAAI)  on the 17th June 2022. The EFFECTOR presentation (Session 10) was in virtual format and gave an overview of the project, concept and work description and key project’s paper

The event was organized by the European Defense Agency (EDA) which is a European Union (EU) Organization.

About the Event

DAAI aims at presenting recent evolutions in artificial intelligence, applicable to defense and security. This year, the workshop will focus on the “Trust and Explainability of AI on Defence and Security”. Defense and Security systems are becoming more and more complicated and at the same time equipped with a plethora of sensing devices which collect an enormous amount of information both from their operating environment as well as from their own functioning. Considering the accelerating technology advancements of AI, it is likely that it will have a profound impact on practically every segment of daily life, from the labor market to doing business and providing services. The security and defense sectors will not remain idle or unaffected by this technological evolution. On the contrary, AI is expected to transform the nature of future defence and security domains, because by definition defense and security forces are highly dependent on (accurate) data and (reliable) information.